Outdoor Cushions

Feel comfort and peace with Outdoor Cushions Dubai

Dubai Cushions can provide you with high-quality and stylish outdoor cushions at a reasonable price. We have been working for 8 years to serve our customers with beautiful cushions that are made with natural fibers. Your investment in outdoor chair cushions will be worth it by providing you comfort and style.


outdoor cushions with different shades of colors
outdoor cushions black metal chair with black outdoor cushion

Moreover, We offer you a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles to give you maximum satisfaction. You can easily choose from our trending collection of cushions that will enhance your outdoor comfort and style. These cushions are easily cleaned and maintained by regular vacuuming and by cleaning them in the washing machine. 

Furthermore, We provide you free professional advice and our designers will make any style and designs that you want for your home. So, When you want customized outdoor cushions for your home or office, choose us to give them a personal touch by making pictures, texts, and different designs on them.

Types of Outdoor Cushions

outdoor cushions blue valvet bench cushions

Outdoor Bench Cushions

Outdoor bench cushions are a good choice if you want a comfortable outdoor environment. Your outdoors look flawless when you furnish them with beautiful soft cushions. Many people spend their evening time, sitting in outdoor places to feel the natural wind and peaceful environment.
outdoor cushions chair cushions square shape and printed

Outdoor Chair Cushions

We have a wide collection of outdoor chair cushions that are available in various designs and colors to match everyone’s style and taste. You will feel comfortable if you buy cushions for outdoor chairs. They are easily clean and long for many years without losing their beauty.
outdoor cushions light and decent color of couch cushions

Outdoor couch cushions

Couch cushions are an excellent choice to increase your comfort level and make your environment beautiful and peaceful. Couch cushions are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors to match your outdoor aesthetics.
outdoor cushions sunbrella cushions on beach

Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions

Sunbrella outdoor cushions are a great choice because they resist fading and cannot lose their shine for a long time. They bear harmful sun radiations and give you a soft and comfortable environment.

Benefits of Outdoor Cushions

outdoor cushions relaxing chair matching black cushion

Enhance comfort level

By installing cushions, your comfort level increases and you feel soft and safe. You can easily spend most of your time in an outdoor place and read books and novels and also enjoy family gatherings there.

Easy maintenance

Cushions are a very good choice because they are available at low prices and easily maintained by cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner. Also, you can wash these cushions at home by using any soap or detergent.


Cushions are very durable depending upon the quality of their stuff. So, investing in cushions will never be wasted because they give you a long time of comfort without losing their shine.

Enhance Beauty

Cushions are very good at enhancing the overall beauty of your space. They make your home modern and comfortable for everyone. Also, they are very durable and match with any home decor.

Choosing the Perfect Customized Cushions

Outdoor is a place where we spend most of our time to feel comfortable in the natural environment. So, it needs furnishing of cushions to make it a more appealing and comfortable place. So, first, you should choose the shape and size of cushions and then choose specific designs and color that suits your home decor.
Also, you should prefer a durable fabric that bears heat and light efficiently and will not lose its shine. Also, choose the fabric that can easily cleaned and maintained. Moreover, you can also choose trending outdoor cushion covers to make your space elegant and stylish.

Furthermore, Dubai Cushions is well know brand that supplies high-quality materials and trending designs that elevate any space flawlessly. So, when you want to upgrade your outdoor environment by using cushions, call us to get the flawless design of outdoor seat cushions. Our professional team will create any specific style to satisfy you with their skillful work and products.

Why Choose Us?

Cushions in Dubai is an outstanding brand that supplies modern and elegant cushions that enhance the beauty of any place. So, choose our brand to get your flawless cushions at an affordable price. Explore our website to select your desired cushions or order from us to get your customized cushions.

Our well-skilled designers can create any style you want for your home or office, they will make the exact designs that you order from us. So, do not worry about your budget, just call us to get professional advice and get affordable cushions. You can easily pay for cushions and feel satisfied with the material that we used to make them.

outdoor cushions yellow color cushions with white chair

Our Work Samples

customized cushions printed flower desgin
customized cushions on striped style sofa with different color
customized cushions two brown with one yellow cushion
customized cushions with crocodile style
customized cushions color line placed on grey sofa